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Natural Care of Dry Heels

  • Procedure to clean and treat dry heels:

    • It is best to do this treatment in the night before going to bed.
    • Add 2 teaspoons of normal cooking salt in 4 glasses of tepid water in a small tub. Keep your feet dipped in this water for 10 min.

    • Thereafter, use a scrubber or a coarse towel to scrub and remove the dry dead skin on the heels.
    • After cleansing your heels the way described above, gently massage the heels with castor oil for a few minutes.

      NOTE: Your feet should be moist while applying the castor oil. If the heels dried off while scrubbing, dip in water and just pat dry a little leaving it moist before applying castor oil. The treatment works good only when the skin is moist.

    Other important tips for care of heels:

  • Keep the feet and heels moisturized at all times. After taking bath, while the skin is still moist, rub in moisturizing cream. Curel cream for ultra-dry skin works very good.

  • In winter, wear cotton socks during the day after cleaning and applying moisturizer. This will prevent the heels and the feet from cold, dry wealther and keep the skin moisturized longer. Make sure to remove socks at night while sleeping.

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