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Beautiful, Strong and Naturally Shining Nails

From little girls to teenagers to young women to older age women, almost all love to have pretty, beautifully done nails. There are salons for the care and beautification of nails but the basic care has to start from home. Well maintained nails, both finger and toe nails reflect good aesthetic sense. Clean nails are a true reflection of good hygiene. Try some of these really easy tips to make your nails stronger, less brittle, shining and even to grow them faster and longer.

  • Dip cotton swab in fresh lemon juice and rub for 5 to 7 minutes on the nails, doing each nail one by one. The skin of the lemon

    after most of the juice has been squeezed out could also be used to directly rub the nails. After the rub, do not wash hands for 10 minutes. Thereafter, wash your nails with tepid water.

    Regular application of lemon juice in this manner will make your nails stronger and give them a natural shine.

  • Sometimes, the nails have a very pale look, almost yellowish instead of the natural whitish-pinkish-reddish color. Did you know eating beet root can remove paleness from the nails. Try to include beet root in your daily food intake. Beet root is rich in Calcium and vitamin D. You should check with your doctor too if the paleness has been persistent and does not seem to go away. It can be a sign of lack of some essential vitamins and minerals in the diet.

  • Soak about a handful of raisins in the night in water before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, drink this water and eat the soaked raisins. Pale whitish nails can be a sign of being anaemic. Ingestion of soaked raisins as described daily proves to be extremely helpful. This will improve your iron content restoring the natural pinkish-reddish tinge on nails and palms and even add a glow to your face. This benefits the eyes also tremendously.

  • For growing nails, instead of rubbing lemon, keep the nails dipped in a bowl of tepid lemon water for 5 minutes. This helps to deep clean the nails also. Wash with cold water immediately after that.

  • Like for other parts of our body, the intake of 3 serves of dairy every day is beneficial to the nails also. It will prevent the brittleness and weakness in the nails and will avoid the nails getting chipped every now and then. Include low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt in your daily food.

  • If almond oil is available to you, massaging the nails with almond oil daily makes the nails beautiful, strong and cures brittle nails problem.

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