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Home Remedy for Wrinkles

  • Using Milk Cream and Lemon

    Procedure: Boil 1/2 cup milk in a pan and leave it for about 10 min. You will notice a layer of solid milk cream would be on the top. Take this creamy layer in a small bowl and mix 5 drops of fresh lemon juice. Gently massage this preparation on your face before going to bed. Leave it overnight if not inconvenient, else wash in 1

    hour with tepid water. Wipe your face with a towel rubbing it a bit so as to massage. This is good for the wrinkled hand skin also. Apply on hands while massaging and leave for few minutes before washing off. Please do not use soap for washing face after this application.

    Benefits: You will start noticing benefits in the form of reduction in wrinkles in about 2 weeks of daily application. Skin will become smooth, silky and soft.

  • Massaging with Almond Oil

    Procedure: First clean your face using cotton swabs dipped in milk. Wash and then massage your face with small quantity of tepid almond oil with a drop of rose water. Correct method of massaging is to move your hands and fingers in the direction opposite to the wrinkles. For example, for the wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or what are also called laughing lines, applying some pressure with your fingers and palm move from bottom to top of these lines, progressing towards the cheek bones on either side, release pressure while moving down. Continue this for 5 min. Move in circles around the eyes starting from the inner corner of each eye, massaging towards outer eye edge, onto eyelids and back again to the center. Move in circles. Your right hand will be moving anticlockwise and left hand will be moving clockwise around the right and left eye simultaneously. For the chin, massage from left to right and vice-versa.

    Benefits: Like all parts of our body need regular exercising to stay healthy, this massaging is exercise for your face. Always remember the movement of your hands and fingers should be in a direction opposite to the progress of the wrinkle.

  • Using Papaya (Fruit family) Pulp

    Procedure: Cut a small piece of Papaya and massage your face with the papaya pulp for 5 minutes. Leave for 10 min after massage. Wash your face and rub it dry.

    Benefits: Papaya is nutritious to eat as well as for the skin massage. Massage of the skin combined with the juice of the Papaya pulp will reduce aging effects.

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