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Unwanted Hair Removal Methods and Tips

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Are human beings confused or what? At some places, we try to grow more hair and want it more dense while at others, we are trying to get rid of the hair. Just kidding! you know what I am talking about. More hair the better on the top while hair growth is unwanted going down, more so for women. Wanted or not, there is no choice. It grows naturally anyway. There are a number of methods for unwanted hair removal. There is no universally accepted right or wrong method. Everyone has their own preferred way out of the choices available:

  • Shaving: Is very quick and fast, cost effective, no pre-planning needed, hair growth becomes negligible after some years.

  • Helpful tips on Shaving for hair removal

  • Waxing: Takes time, Ouch! painful, hair has to be a certain length before waxing will pull it out so while it is still growing, it is untidy and visible.

  • Helpful tips on Waxing for hair removal

  • Hair Removing creams: Painless, can be done in few minutes. Not very expensive. Hair growth continues, does not diminish over time.

  • Helpful tips on Hair removing Creams

  • Bleaching: Not convenient or feasible for all parts. May work for certain areas like facial hair or arms.

  • Helpful tips on Bleaching for hair removal

  • Electrolysis: Expensive and painful. Can you imagine being poked all over with needles! Can cause infection or scarring.

We have tried to give the positives and the negatives of each method and it is up to you to decide what works the best for you. Click on one of the links above to read some helpful tips for your selected method.

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