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Do You Need to Exercise?

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Take our Self-assessment test to find out if you need to exercise or not?

If you failed the Self-assessment test on this website, you need exercise and if you passed it, you still need exercise so as to maintain that status. In essence, everyone of us needs exercise, no exceptions (unless your doctor has advised you not to).

The reason why exercise is so important is as simple as this. Have we heard our garage door squeak? Our immediate action is to oil and lubricate those joints and that stops the annoying squeak. It's the same thing. We have joints in our body, when not being exercised, their squeak is in the form of those uncomfortable aches.

  • Children need physical activity to help them grow.
  • Teenagers need to build stamina and boost confidence.
  • Youth need exercise to be fit to handle the challenges of life ahead
  • Adults need exercise to help them cope with the strenuous routine and fast paced life.
  • Middle aged and elderly need exercise to fuel the body engine so it keeps working efficiently.

In today's world, with all the convenience that science and

electronics has provided us to make our life simple, it is more important than ever before to make physical activity a part of daily routine. A lot of us, these days, spend unreasonable amount of time in front of the TV, or playing computer games or even our jobs are such as to make us sit in that chair for most part of our work day.

Despite all the information on benefits of exercising, some of us still feel it is easier said than done. Agreed, in today's busy life with work, home, social commitments, all the competition, etc, it seems quite difficult to find any time to incorporate physical fitness into our schedule. But just as we take care of our car, our computer and all those elctronic gadets and inanimate objects, we must take care of our own self. Don't we come ahead of all these? "Where there is a will, there is a way", all we need is determination to do anything. Once, we make up our minds, everthing else will fall into place. You will yourselves be surprised how you will feel so good.

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