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Plan of Action to Take Control of Your Health


Give yourself a pat on the back. YES, you have successfully accomplished the first step. Rest is all easy from here.

Many times, we are in a rush to execute and see the results. And in a hurry, miss out on the most important step to make the job/task/project successful. Execution without due thinking and planning often leads to failures and disappointments. PLANNING is vital for a successful outcome. First, let us follow the 5 steps below to come up with a plan that will show results.


If you are here reading this, Realization has already dawned upon you that exercise is an inevitable part of healthy lifestyle. Now, let us set the goal in writing. Your goal could be to reduce weight, get fit, stay fit, get into active routine, determined effort to prevent yourself from the harmful effects of heart diseases, cholesterol, etc. Whatever is your goal, we are going to first set out with a very easy goal - REGULAR EXERCISE. Achieving this goal of regular exercise will automatically work towards your personal goal. Please bring out your planner / diary / PDA / computer screen, whichever is your most preferred method. Write down today's date and in bold your promise of doing REGULAR EXERCISE.


Please bring up a current calendar. Mark on the calendar your

preferred days of exercise for the next 1 week. Remember, you need to exercise atleast 3 times in a week with not more than 2 days gap between the exercise days. Set aside 30 - 45 min time for the exercise and mark it on the calendar. Do this step now and every one week. Whatever form of calendar you are using, it will be a good idea to copy/printout and put one on refrigerator in the kitchen or on the bathroom sink mirror so there is no way you can miss looking at it daily.


Now, let us decide the method of exercise. Which do you like the best - exercises at home, walking, running, jump rope, swimming, aerobics, treadmill, weights, skating, skiing, or any other. Remember exercise you select should be such as to to get your heart rate within the Training Zone.. Please see our how much exercise page to find out your training zone. It may be a good idea to select 2-3 exercise methods, so you have some variety. Please select the methods that interest you most. No excuses! if you cannot come up with any activity, we have given exercises that you can do right in your home while watching your favorite TV show.


Every day, before brushing your teeth at night, you will put a tick on the calendar if this was your exercise day and you did it on that day. Put a cross if this was your exercise day and you missed. You will still get a chance to make up for the miss on your non-exercise day. At the end of seven days, if the total number of ticks is not atleast 3, you have to deprive yourself of that favorite movie or TV show or relaxing time for that weekend. If you have 3 or more ticks for that week, then reward yourself with 1 of what you like most - movie, small serve of favorite dessert, extra reading time, etc.


Exercise is good for all. Exercise is needed for all members of the family. Different members may have different choices as to the method of exercise but you all can still try to have atleast common days/time. Try to talk to a friend and decide on common days/time. This will give you an added incentive as you will start looking forward to family event or meeting your friend!

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