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How to get Flat Belly and Strong Abs

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How to Get rid of belly flubber and get strong Abs

  • (a) Lay down flat and straight on the floor with your heels touching the ground side by side.

  • (b) Now lift your heels to about 3 inches off the ground.

  • (c) With the heels not touching the ground, move your Left and Right leg out from the center to Left and Right respectively as far as you can.

  • (d) Keeping the heels up, bring your Left and Right leg back

    to the center. Do not touch your heels to the ground.

  • (e) Repeat this sequence (c) - (d) 10 times.

  • (f) After 10 times, take a break for few seconds by letting your heels rest on the ground. Now, repeat the sequence (a) (e).

NOTE: Breathe normally. While you are doing this exercise, alongwith strain in your legs and thighs, you will feel strain in the side muscles of your face and forehead. This is good, in a few days you will see that your face is starting to look younger.

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