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"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think." said Benjamin Disraeli.

What we think is what we become, such is the power of brain. Our mind learns from what we think, experience, events around us, emotions. It's all a mind game. We all want to live long, healthy lives. Our brain, our thoughts play an important role in order to live a more full and happy life. We need to train our mind to generate optimistic thoughts. What means Optimistic Thinking? In my opinion, Optimistic Thinking is elevating our mind to a new level of thoughts and ideas such that it removes negatives and adds positives. It is training our mind to think right thereby discovering the Supreme Power that lies within each one of us. This can be achieved by first cleansing ourself of all the negative thoughts and emotions, then nurturing sublime, optimistic, inspirational thoughts and putting them to practice.

In order to achieve the goodness from positive thinking, we have to make determined first steps in that direction. First step is to break the cycle of:

Negative Thoughts -> Inner Turbulence and Turmoil -> Negative Thoughts

If we entertain pessimistic thoughts, that is what our mind is getting trained to think even more. Instead, we have to change the cycle into:

Optimistic Thoughts -> Inner Peace and Tranquil -> Optimistic Thoughts

Goodness is self-replicating, once we are cleansed and Optimistic Thoughts set in, life will be a sea of eternal bliss.

Right Thinking is the Secret to Long Life. Click the link that follows to serve as your companion and guide as you traverse the maze of life. Read one point at a time. Sit back and take a minute to ponder. Even better, make a personal diary in which you answer the questions and write your judgments and decisions. Honesty is the best policy. Honesty, discipline and determination will be your virtues as you practice Sublime Thinking to discover the Supreme Power within us.

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