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Let us admit it, in today’s fast paced life, we all get stressed out at some point or the other. The degree of stress faced by each individual is, however, different. Stress is a very individual thing and varies from person to person. A situation that one person finds stressful may not bother another person. For example, one person may become tense while driving

whereas another person may find driving a source of relaxation. Many times we feel stress in the form of body aches, headaches, neck pain, stiffness in the joints, feeling low, mood swings, etc. We assume and accept it as a part of growing older and resort to some immediate pain killers or off the counter medicines. Well, did you know that our body is its own best pharmacy for a majority of the instances of pain and body stiffness? The fact is that stress is very impairing to our health, thinking and judgment.

While it is an effort in vain to completely eliminate stress, our goal should be to limit the amount of stress and to keep it under control. This goal of "stress-management" requires a definite personal commitment, but the rewards should prove well worthwhile!

Reflection Minute and ways to limit stress:

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