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Energy of the Harmony of Vibrations

Did you know that we are surrounded by energy from which the body can be charged if we know how? Constant repetitions of powerful words or phrases make vibrations that get us in synchonization and unison with our surroundings. Once we are in synchonization, our body can then absorb the energy deeper and deeper into our soul from the surroundings. Silently, calmly and slowly chanting words or phrases

creates vibrations that will build up and reverberate until they all will be in harmony. Constant repetition of such powerful words is like the password to our inner self.

Chanting of these words or phrases will be in addition to your

normal daily life actions. You have to keep doing your duties, deeds and actions and in addition to that, chant the words.

Reflection Minute and Important Tips on how to build vibrations:

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