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What is Happiness?

There is nothing wrong in dreaming big but don't lose your life chasing it. Live to the fullest every day. You know sometimes we think like, "When I get this much money, I will have a mansion or a Porsche or tour the world", that is a fine thought but did you enjoy whatever is in your pocket today, are you happy to own some vehicle if not a Porsche or Lamborghini

and if not far, can you get out there with friends and family to the neighborhood park and have a fun picnic day.

Most people probably don't know what happiness is, they think happiness is perhaps having lots of money or a big car, or a big house. But people who have all these things are not necessarily happier than people who just enjoy their life. Have you ever thought how the same things that bring us happiness can bring us unhappiness? For example, imagine you became a celebrity and that brought you elation. But now that same status of being a celebrity that gave you bliss is causing unpleasantness

because you have no more private life even when you want it, you hardly have time for yourself or your near and dear ones. Similarly, pretend you wished to be a millionaire and you became one, but that extra wealth that was the cause of happiness can now also be the cause of worries like the fear of losing it, working hard to protect it. We strive to achieve and then defend what we achieve. Having achieved, we then become preoccupied or even obsessed with the prospect of losing things.

Reflection Minute and learn how to be happy:

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